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Grand Opening of Toncin 2017 Annual Summary & Commendation Conference
2018-05-16        377

At 8 o’clock on the morning of February 3, 2018, Toncin Group’s 2017 Annual Summary & Commendation Conference grandly opened in Aishan Hot Spring Resort. The Conference invited Deputy Captains of Shandong Nuclear Industry 273 Geological Brigade Chen Ninggang, Xiao Fufeng and Shi Jin as well as relevant department leaders. The Chairman of Mingshi Innovation Co., Ltd. Tang Huanxin, the Vice President of Duoying Investment Co., Ltd. Wang Yonghui and the Director of Toncin Group Gao Feng as well as various companies’ and centers’ staff above middle senior level have attended the conference.

The Conference was chaired by the Secretary of the Board Gao Yuan. The first agenda was making annual summary and 2018 annual plan by each company of the group and its five departments of Chief Engineer Office, Research and Development Center, Purchasing Center, International Business Center and Finance Center. 2017 was Toncin Group’s first year of reform. In the past year, through continuously deep plough and foundation enhancement in subdivision fields, each and every company of Toncin Group has become leading company in the industry. Toncin Industry and Sunny Rubber Co., Ltd. were both evaluated “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise”. And Toncin Industry was awarded champion of Shandong Provincial Manufacturing Industry. Toncin Industry, Sunny Rubber Co., Ltd. and Nuclear Ceramics Co., Ltd. were rated s “Invisible Champion” of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Shandong Province. Nuclear Ceramics Co., Ltd. was evaluated as “Provincial Enterprise Center” and the gas-shield dam of Sunny Rubber Co., Ltd. was evaluated “First prize of Shandong Technical Innovation Excellent New Products”.

The second agenda is outstanding employee recognition. The Group has set up three awards of “Toncin Star” “Outstanding Party Members” and “Toncin Man/Woman of the Year”. “Toncin Star” focuses on the recognition of grassroots excellent staff playing a pioneer exemplary role in their positions with leading performance. According to different functions, there are divided five awards including, Sales Star, Technology Star, Craftsman Star, Service Star and Management Star. And 34 employees from the grassroots level were honored. The Party Committee of Toncin Group was formally established in the spring breeze of the successful opening of the 19th CPC National Congress. Five exemplary party members from various communist party branches were awarded “Outstanding Communist Party Members” by the Party Committee of the Group and were issued certificates and bonuses by Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Li Jishu. The grand prix “Toncin Man/ Woman of the Year” was awarded by Chairman of the Board Gao Feng, commending 10 advanced individuals serving Toncin as a team, actively practicing Toncin’s values and having made great contributions to Toncin’s development.

After that the Investment Representative and President of Duoying Co.,Ltd. Wang Yonghui addressed on the stage. He firstly recognized Toncin’s abundant accomplishments and brilliant achievements in 2017 and then congratulated the representative of award-winning outstanding employees and expressed full promise of Toncin’s future development and his willing to work with Toncin together and forge a better and more brilliant tomorrow together.

And then the Deputy Captain of Shandong Nuclear Industry 273 Geological Brigade Chen Ninggang invited by us delivered a speech. He said, looking back on the past, Toncin Group was once a member of the 273 family and we united as one and walked through the past 20 years together; looking to the future, I hope that our brigade and enterprise will continue to link up with each other to compose a new chapter of brigade-enterprise cooperation and development.

In the end, Chairman of Toncin Group Gao Feng made concluding remarks and deployed key works of 2018. In the past 2017, the group structure gradually became clear, the business performance rose steadily, scientific research innovation were covered honors, the international business was overall promoted, the technical support from the Chief Engineer Office was active and effective, the procurement management was comprehensively coordinated, the financial management became increasingly standardized, the party building and corporate culture works was actively carried out and all units and departments have successfully completed the objectives of the established work. And the economic indicators of 2018 for all units are also clear. The Group will keep insisting on the 12 Words Policy of “Strategic, Management, Environment and Risk Control”, "Full Decentralization, Effective Supervision and Sunshine Stimulation" And he hoped that all Toncin people would join hands together to make the cause of Toncin bigger and stronger and show the value of ourselves and develop ourselves on the platform.

The conference ended in a festive and warm atmosphere. In the past year, all Toncin people worked hard to build their dreams and have made remarkable achievements in their respective fields. In 2018, let’s set sail and create more brilliance! We are encouraged by the memories of the past and will make another distinguish and admirable achievements today. Let’s wish all businesses of Toncin Group booming in the New Year and wish us create more success!